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We Offer a collection of Marlin lever action rifles to our customers, with models such as, the Marlin 336, Marlin 1895 and the famous Marlin 1894 Cowboy. Marlin Rifles was able to attract developed expansion and durable models, such as Models 1891 and 1893. Now known as Models 39 and 336 respectively, they are one of the oldest shoulder arm designs in the world today. If you are looking for the best hunting rifles, one of Marlin lever action rifles will be a perfect match. The Marlin brand has existed for more than a century and keeps providing Americans with great and reliable guns. Their lever action rifles are no exception to that, and many seasoned shooters and hunters will testify to that.

Ruger has rescued Marlin, and its first lever action to be brought back is the Model 1895 SBL repeater rifle chambered in .45-70.

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Purchased a Special Lever Action Rifle with Walnut Stock and had it delivered locally. The whole process went very well. The gun was shipped promptly. Received by the local gun shop and called right away. Couldn't have been easier.

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We will help you find a local dealer or FFL if you don't have one.

This was my first experience purchasing a firearm online and the transaction was super smooth at the ends of both and the FFL dealer. The gun arrived quite quickly and upon inspection I did not see any issues, cosmetic or otherwise. The rifle looks AMAZING.

Take a look at the models we are offering. Marlin rifles are perfect for hunting from deer to wild hogs and even bears. Find Brand New Marlin Rifles and buy best Marlin Rifles at considerable prices for all. Shop from our amazing collection for brand new Marlin lever action rifles and Marlin bolt action rifles. With the Marlin 336 being one of our most prominent and well known series, there is unquestionably a marlin rifle for you.